Spindle is a collective of geniuses,

basically a shack full of nerds.

What started out with one man crazy enough to think that calling over the internet would have a future, is now an ever-growing company with developers, engineers, designers and marketeers who work side-by-side on products that spark conversations.

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Jeroen van Veen

JavaScript is calling

20 minutes read

Calling from a browser to a GSM using your own private GSM network, an Odroid, Asterisk, OpenBTS, WebRTC, and SIP.js About Software Defined Radio I first read about the OpenBT…


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Hans Adema

The Search Engine Showdown

6 minutes read

In February I started my internship at Spindle. I’m currently in my last year of the study Informatica at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. Besides studying, I run my own…

elasticsearchsearch databasesearch engine

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Moh Al Rawe

My coding story: from Baghdad to Groningen

4 minutes read

Who is Moh?Mohammed is my first name, Al Rawe is my last name. I have been born and raised in Baghdad and lived there for 25 years, in a supportive and open minded family. My fathe…

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Our products

At first it’s code, then it’s hot.


The most user empowering telephony platform, built to scale.

Without bragging, our platform is the most adaptable and progressive VoIP solution in the market. It’s easy to use, ahead of the curve and built by a killer development team.

The future called


She’s your friendly assistant at day and nerd by night

Lily is a real savvy product, that turns customer contact information into business intelligence. By using the Django and AngularJS frameworks, we ensure fast and regular updates and improvements. And by integrating with new email API's (Gmail's REST API for instance) we bring your inbox to you, all easily searchable through ElasticSearch.

Meet Lily


A solution for playing real-life Mario Kart on our bikes

Since we reside in the world’s greatest cycling city, we are building a nifty piece of hardware to turn our bikes into full-blown Internet of Things objects.

Still prototyping

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