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A perfect place to spend your day

Written by Jelle Maarten de Vries on 11th June 2015

Worlds beyond imagination

As long as I can remember I’ve been looking at drawn stories. Whether it was of animals resembling humans doing human things, robots morphing into cars and back or humans with special powers. I didn’t read them, I just looked, still understanding what was going on. I loved it. As I grew older an extra element was added to the equation, interaction. I got to play with these stories! As my father got his first computer, and my parents bought me my first Original Gameboy, I was lost in worlds beyond imagination.

I was fascinated about all these characters, intrigued about the perils they had to face. However, in time I noticed one minor thing: I had nobody to share this with.

As years passed, the love for these stories and interesting worlds kept on growing. Here and there I met people who loved some parts of some of these worlds, but again, I never really felt like it was something that was… normal.

The end of an era… or was it?

At some point when I was moving from one city to another, somewhere in between different educations, I decided to throw away those silly Japanese robots which occupied my shelves and desk, folded up the posters and left them with the trash.

When I started working, I played around with my own company for a while, making visual stories myself. But then, at the moment where I decided that I preferred to work for a company instead of for myself, I stumbled upon an office. Where I suddenly, unexpectedly, felt completely at home.

A place where it doesn’t matter that your desk holds a figurine of a boy in green with a sword, whether or not your phone makes the sound of a morphing robot or your favorite stuffed animal is a gopher or a very happy dinosaur. Not only is it accepted, its applauded.

The present

So here I find myself, spending my day, with great people, doing the things we love, making awesome things. Whilst a little mouse, with a blue hat and a red robe, stands on my desk wondering what to conjure up next.

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