Hi, I am Jan Mulder

And I'm a Support VoIPGRID at Devhouse Spindle

Something about me

  • Investigating technical problems: that’s my role in a nutshell. When there are technical difficulties with our platform, phones don’t work or people have trouble with a feature, they call me. I do a lot of research and then analyze what is the matter. It’s like solving a huge puzzle where you can’t see the big picture yet. It’s up to me to figure where to put all the pieces together so I can give our partners the best advice. This kind of detective work is what I love to do. Not just at Spindle, but also in my free time. I bought a Honda CB400 Super Four motorcycle from 1976 to work on. Back in the days it was a really modern motorbike that could reach a speed up to 166 km an hour. I look for original parts so I can restore the motorcycle in its old glory. I’m rebuilding it step by step. When it’s too cold to work in the garage I like to work with computers and electronics in my house. I have installed a smart system which connects to a home center. I programmed all the software and even needed to solder some parts to get it working the way I wanted it. I don’t spend a lot of time on the couch, but when I do I like to watch science fiction movies. The Matrix is one of my all time favorites. I can’t wait for the Matrix 4 to come out.
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