Hi, I am Rob Lammerts

And I'm a Intern UX design at Devhouse Spindle

Something about me

  • Learning a lot: that is my goal for the next couple of months during my internship at Spindle. I’m working along with the UX team and have an interesting and challenging school assignment which I’m really eager to fulfill. I’m building an app that helps product owners at Spindle to execute new ideas for the platform faster. The plan is to make the basic UX parts easily accessible so people make changes themselves rather than asking the UX roles for help, which saves everybody a lot of time. Next to my internship I work as a freelancer. I design and build websites and develop corporate identities. I also do website maintenance and take care of printed matter. Very varied for different companies: that’s what I like. Besides all the work I love to go hiking. Together with my girlfriend we just choose a nice area to explore and drive up there. We usually don’t have a plan. We just walk and see what nature has in store for us. I always take my camera, because nature photography is one of my interests as well. Our favorite nature reserve right now is Balloërveld, which is a really beautiful place to walk around. But, to be honest, I tend to look up at my screens again because of my other hobby. I really like gaming, especially shooters. I don’t have a favorite game, as long as there is variation and a lot to do. But I guess that is the overall theme of my life right now.
Devhouse Spindle