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My first weeks at Spindle

Written by Jan Pieter Gorter on 13th March 2015

Barely two weeks

I have been looking for a job like this for quite a long time. A challenging job in a young and innovative company. Motivation sent, passed the interview, shadowing a day and there I am: working as a partner manager at VoIPGRID, product of Devhouse Spindle. And all this in barely two weeks time.

Before this job, I have worked twelve years for a large, international company in the telecommunications sector. What I especially noticed is the good atmosphere around here and also the very different attitude towards working.

Everything regarding work and communication at Spindle is enhanced and adapted to work as smooth and efficiently as possible. This means no management and no functions. This is the main difference with a lot of other companies. Working this way really appeals to me.

Not afraid to try new things

In the last few years all work processes at Spindle have been thoroughly scrutinized. And we are still not afraid to try new things, giving feedback and coming up with better suggestions and solutions. Small and big changes have been made, tested and implemented. We will continue doing this every (working) day.

For this to be successful, you do need a certain type of people. From the very beginning I came here it has been a relaxed, laid back atmosphere where great things are possible. I can already say that it feels like coming home to go to work. I’m very thrilled about what I have seen so far and very proud to be part of this great team. Life is short and you should do what you really like. For me (at least at this moment) this is working as a partner manager at VoIPGRID.

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