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Why working at Spindle feels like gaming

Written by Ronald Stokebrook on 29th March 2015

A sales nerd and gamer

As part of the Spindle team I am responsible for communicating with the ‘outside world’ as a sales nerd. In my private life, I am a enthusiastic gamer who loves FPS games and trophy hunting on the PlayStation 4. I really think that gaming and Spindle are not that different from each other. Let me tell you why.

Multiplayer games

Gaming is all about objectives, trophies and most important FUN! At this moment I am usually playing games like Destiny and Call of Duty. These multiplayer games are fun to play with your own friends (clan). Without them you often lose a game, because most individual players believe having more kills than deaths is more important than playing the objective. Whoever thinks that having a good K/D is important: you just LOST.

Working at Spindle

I think these gaming principles are also very important for a company like Spindle. Working at Spindle is about objectives, trophies and FUN as well! When you are working objective based, you can work towards a goal and be rewarded with trophies. These objectives can only be accomplished by teamwork. Teamwork needs to be fun and is also about having confidence in your colleagues.

If you are not following these principles, you will never win a game or trophy! Maybe individuals will get a good K/D ratio, but most games will be lost. That is why I think working at Spindle is like gaming together.

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