We're looking for
an experienced software architect

At Spindle, we build awesome software to bring open communication to the world. We are looking for an equally awesome, experienced and skilled software developer, who wants to work on large software projects and is enthused by the prospect of sharing her/his experience with a predominantly young team of developers.

Your chance to work on the only fully functional cloud hosted PBX in the Netherlands!


What will you do?

In your role as a software developer, you will be working on the user-facing parts of our telephony platform VoIPGRID. We want to keep this the best telephony solution for medium to small business there is and create maximum freedom for our customers.

The components of the platform are developed mainly in Python and some in Go. We’ve collaboratively set a couple of milestones we want to achieve in the nearby future. Besides working on these tickets, we expect you to voice your opinion on what you think we should do differently and how we should do that. As one of the more experienced developers, we’d like you to fulfill the role of being a mentor to others.

You’re going to work in a fast growing company where the work that needs doing is always different. Some topics we’re currently working on are the internationalization of our core products, a rewrite of the billing engine and moving from Puppet to Saltstack for configuration management. We are constantly refactoring the platform to make it more robust. Introducing micro services to increase separation of concerns. We also just did a big front-end cleanup and ditched Bootstrap!

Your profile

If you recognize yourself in the following profile, we might be a good match! You have:

  • at least seven years of experience in software development
  • several years of experience in back-end web development
  • enough experience with Python to have vision on Pythonic coding
  • shown an ability to oversee and coordinate software development projects
  • a strong vision on software architecture
  • a master’s degree in Computing Science or a related discipline
  • preferably used Django in the past or an interest in working with Django

Who we are (buzzword bingo)

We were the cloud before we knew that the cloud was a thing. We started out building a PBX for customers that don't need a PBX server in their offices. Before we knew it, VoIPGRID was the first fully functional cloud hosted PBX. Hosted on a fully redundant setup which we manage. We also leverage cloud-based solutions as we see fit for several parts of our infrastructure.

We adhere to an agile way of building software. We tweak the process we use to build software as much as the software itself. Call it meta-agile. Seriously though, it helps to be comfortable in a constantly changing environment, where you have a say in the direction it should be changing.

We work with Holacracy. This means we are a purpose driven organization where authority is distributed to roles instead of persons. We don’t need managers because we believe that all colleagues use their expertise to make the right decisions regarding their roles.

We ask all developers to share their expertise by doing code reviews and never be afraid to have their code scrutinized by others. No code is shipped without tests that prove it works.

We are committed to open source software. We share our own software where possible. Actively contributing to open source projects is regarded as part of the job.

We also like to share our knowledge in our blog posts and at meetups and conferences. We’re giving masterclasses and workshops at schools to excite the next generation of developers.

What we offer you

Besides the primary salary, you can also enjoy:

  • an hour of lunch time in which we enjoy a delicious catered lunch, play games, take a walk or just relax in our hammocks
  • one of our awesome VanMoof Spindle bicycles
  • staying healthy with a free sports- and wellness subscription
  • a good pension insurance
  • expanding your knowledge with an annual study budget
  • participating in organization-wide training programs
  • a workplace which you can arrange the way you like it. We want you to be able to work at your best and provide all the stuff you need to do so
  • two weeks off when your partner has given birth (we think two days is way too short!)
  • a lot of fun parties, events, hackathons, and trips. We like to celebrate our successes with each other (and do this often)

Does this sound like the next step in your career? Send us your story about how you can strengthen our team. You can also send us your motivation in Dutch. We're looking forward meeting you!

You're the one? Let us know.

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