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Openness accelerates innovation

The love of code is what makes us stay up late and rise early. Code is a means to create something out of nothing: pure magic. It’s about realizing something that wasn’t there before. We can’t get enough of it.

We have a genuine belief in open source. Everyone can contribute, everyone can benefit. If you share the love of code, then it’s for you to use. Feel welcome to join us, to work and play with us.

We believe in Holacracy

At Spindle we work with Holacracy. This is a complete system of self-organization, without managers and with roles instead of functions. You’ll take the initiative to make the best of your roles and get all the freedom you need to accomplish your goals in return.

Working at Spindle will be a life-changing experience, because you’re completely in charge. We don’t need bosses to get the work done.

We split our time between beating each other's high scores and building trailblazing technology.

We dare to make mistakes

No one ever got fired for making a mistake here. If you don’t make mistakes, you don’t learn anything and you will not grow. So if we make a mistake or do something wrong, we look at it critically and share it with the world. That way we’ll make sure we’ll make better mistakes tomorrow.

We are proud Groningers

Devhouse Spindle is founded in Groningen. We believe it’s the most beautiful and vibrant city in the Netherlands and we are proud inhabitants.

Groningen is the youngest city in the Netherlands, due to the large number of students living here. In total more than 50.000 students are registered at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and University of Groningen.

We share our love for code

We’re always looking for opportunities to introduce people, young and old, to the intriguing world of programming and to share our knowledge. That’s why we’re happy to support and contribute to great initiatives.

Devhouse Spindle