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Our technology sparks conversations and keeps them going. Driven by a genuine belief in open source, we create software that helps companies communicate in an open, lean and effective way.

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A friendly assistent to your customer contact

What do you do when the CRM you’re using isn’t satisfying? When a CRM system is asking for your manual input, instead of doing it for you? When you’re a group of nerds, the answer is simple: you build your own. Lily was born in 2012 and the goal is to make it a system built on communication where things happen automagically. The main frameworks and libraries we’re using to make this happen are Python, AngularJS, Elasticsearch and Gmail API. It is built on the Heroku Cloud Application Platform.

Calling on your smartphone with your business number

As the creator of an awesome VoIP platform, we wanted to get VoIP to the smartphones. With the Vialer app you can make phone calls with your business phone number by using your own mobile phone. We started working with the PJSIP library to create a softphone on a smartphone. For iOS we’ve built our own library, VialerSIPLib-iOS, using the best parts of Gossip, Telephone and Swig. Android was based on the Java Swig Wrapper of PJSIP called PJSUA2. 

The most beautiful cloud telephony platform

VoIPGRID is our telephony platform. It enables telecom providers to deliver high quality VoIP technology to their business customers. The telecom providers – 150 and counting – can manage everything in one simple interface, from call plans and call groups to webhooks and opening hours. They can even enable the end users to do everything themselves in a simple and easy to use web environment. With the Chrome and Firefox plug-ins and the ‘Vialer app’ for Android and iPhone, VoIP technology is made fast, simple and accessible.