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The personal assistant for teams who love their customers

Project description

The smart assistant for all your customer contact

Open source CRM systems, there aren’t a whole lot to go around. And those that are, just aren’t any fun. Lily was born in 2012 with the goal to make it a system built on communication where things happen automagically.

Lily makes all contact with your customers fast and easy. It turns customer contact information into business intelligence. You can build better relations and gain and keep happy customers while saving yourself and your colleagues a bunch of time.

By using the Django and AngularJS frameworks, we ensure fast and regular updates and improvements. And by integrating with new email API’s (Gmail’s REST API for instance) we bring your inbox to you, all easily searchable through Elasticsearch.

It doesn’t stop there: Dataprovider autofills most of the customer data for you, Pandadoc makes the creation of quotes just a matter of seconds and with the caller-integration the client card of a caller is just one click away. As you might have noticed by now, we like to let Lily do the hard work for you, so you don’t have to.

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Lily = Open

Open innovation
Innovation empowers society and everybody should be able to contribute. That’s why Lily’s source code is open. Open source software is software that can be freely used, changed, and shared by anyone. Open source software is made by many people for many people.

Open application
Lily is not just open source, it also has open API’s. API’s enable you to get data out or send data to Lily without limitations. Every part of Lily has an API so integration with other systems is a breeze. You’ll have unlimited control over what you want to do with your data.

Open organization
At Devhouse Spindle we are open to the core. In 2012 we started experimenting with working without managers and in 2015 we implemented Holacracy as the operating system for our company. We often write about our culture and way of working but if you ever want to experience it, you are more than welcome to join us for a day.

Working blood, sweat, and tears on this project

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