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| Product | Release date: May 2014

The app that makes businesses available anywhere, anytime

Project description

Calling on your smartphone with your business number

As the creator of an awesome VoIP platform, we wanted to get VoIP to the smartphones. With the Vialer app you can make phone calls with your business phone number by using your own mobile phone. Customers only see your business phone number, not your mobile number.

Besides that, you can keep an eye on the telephone traffic of your business with insightful statistics. Within the app you can manage and modify your dial plan and accessibility at any time you want.

We started working with the PJSIP library to create a softphone on a smartphone. For iOS we’ve built our own library, VialerSIPLib-iOS, using the best parts of Gossip, Telephone and Swig. Android was based on the Java Swig Wrapper of PJSIP called PJSUA2.

By connecting a VoIP account to the Vialer, the user can start calling over 4G and WiFi immediately.

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