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The user empowering and award winning cloud telephony platform

Project description

The future called

VoIPGRID is the telephony platform for all businesses that prefer talking over texting. We’ve built an awesome user-oriented, cloud-based VoIP platform that’s one of the fastest growing in the market. It enables telecom providers to deliver high quality VoIP technology to their business customers.

The telecom providers – 150 and counting – can manage everything in one simple interface, from call plans and call groups to webhooks and opening hours. They can even enable the end users to do everything themselves in a simple and easy to use web environment.

With people always on the road nowadays, the Chrome and Firefox plugins and the Vialer app for Android and iPhone enable businesses to be available anywhere, anytime. VoIPGRID makes VoIP technology fast, simple and accessible.

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The fundamentals

Now, let’s talk fundamentals. At the core of VoIPGRID, you’ll find a collection of Asterisk (the open source PBX) servers. These are spread out over the Netherlands, which makes the whole platform redundant on the network and service level.

OpenSIPS (the new breed of communication engine) acts as a proxy that registers VoIP accounts and delivers calls to one of the servers or to a transit provider for placing calls on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PTSN or oldskool phone network).

The Python based Django framework is used for the back-end of the webportal where users can configure their cloud-hosted PBX. The highly skilled UX team makes sure that users can do this in the most intuitive way, which leads to an interface that sets us apart from the competition.

Working blood, sweat, and tears on this project

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